The Outcome

The Franklin Revisioning Workshop produced a number of positive outcomes. It:

  • Documented the revisioning process. This Report, delivered to citizens, local media, transportation agencies, city staff, and city councilors documents the effort to define a community vision for Franklin Street. It represents a demonstrated and documented dissatisfaction with the status quo, as well as the “solutions” offered in the Peninsula Traffic Study. The large number and varied interests of the participants gives this report real meaning and should begin the formal discussion about how to proceed with plans for the corridor.
  • Formed a working group, consisting of the planners and participants of this event, that will continue to work towards meaningful progress in finding solutions and realizing the vision.
  • Gave voice to underrepresented constituencies.
  • Created an educational tool (in the process, as well as this report) which will serve to inform citizens, city staff and policy makers.
  • Demonstrated a model for citizen-based planning.
  • Raised community awareness of the problem, and potential changes to the road.
  • Introduced “Context Sensitive Solutions” as a design model for a local project. Such a model must incorporate citizen involvement, land use planning, housing, class issues, development, safety and aesthetics into any planning efforts.
  • Inspired City officials to fund a follow up study of the redesign possibilities of Franklin.