Vision Statement

Rendering FRA

The Vision of Franklin Street/Boulevard will be a beautiful, vibrant urban street in the center of a new neighborhood. From a transportation perspective, it will be a multi-way boulevard connecting the Waterfront to Back Cove, that serves autos, existing and future transit, pedestrians and cyclists equally. From a safety and health perspective, it will be designed for lower speeds, accommodate pedestrian and cyclist safety, and lower exhaust levels.

From an urban design perspective, it will provide a positive gateway experience, connect historic neighborhoods, reconnect the street grid, provide for human, scale pedestrian-oriented development, and allow for buildings to orient to the street.

From a land use perspective, it will be redesigned to maximize the use of space, and provide an environmentally friendly framework for mixed use development and housing.

From an open space perspective, it will provide connections to the multi-use trails, provide access to greenspace, provide opportunities for community gardens, add land to Lincoln Park, and provide opportunities for trees (including saving – maybe moving – current trees in middle) and public art.

In summary, the redesign of Franklin Arterial will reverse outdated planning assumptions, and reintegrate the Portland Peninsula.